Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cupcakes and Tan Danglers.

Today I decided I would make some cupcakes and it seems like forever since I made any. My two children wanted me to make chocolate ones but me being me I just had to make them a bit different, so we ended up with Turkish Delight cupcakes. I just made a basic chocolate cake mix and baked them then I had to wait for them to cool. While they cooled I cut up two Frys Turkish Delight to put on top. 

turkish delight cupcakes

Next came the fun part I used the apple corer to make a hole in the cakes. I then spooned some Rose Petal Jelly into the cake, I got the jelly from a local herbery called St.Kitts, then I covered up the jelly with the little plugs of cake I had cored out earlier. Then the fun part I iced the top with chocolate frosting which I added a dash of rose water to, now It just need the Frys Turkish delight on top. I had to test one out with my lunch of course and it was delish, perhaps the frosting could've had a bit more rose flavour in it but it was still nice. Next time my children want to make Lavender biscuits, yummy!

Rose Chocolate Cupcake

So to the Tan Dangler, well I had a couple of sales last weekend so I decided I would like to treat myself to a piece of glass art from a very lovely Cornish artist Tan Grey. Her Etsy shop Tan Grey Glass is full of gorgeous glass creations. I have to admit I struggled to choose and I was very tempted to buy a fish bowl or tan dangler but I went for my favourite instead a moon gazing hare. It arrived today not long after I had finished the cakes. I have it on my wall in the sitting room now and I love it. 

Tan Dangler

See you next time
Victoria xx