Monday, 19 July 2010

I love my Vamps

I'm really loving exploring my darker side with some Gothic "Wee Folk". I decided to make some Vampires ones to start with to see how they go. On the Left is "I Love Vampires" and on the right is "Bite Me" . I think I may try to see if I can make a fang charm or similar to go with some Jewellery though I may need to hide anything Vamp from my daughter she loved watching the Twilight DvDS and I treated her to a fab Team Edward Bag I nearly kept it myself.

I'm also busy replacing stock I sold and have made a nautical themed charm bracelet. I made it in red white and blue but wonder if I should have done it in black and white. It nearly got called Captain Jack Sparrow but I decided on "A Pirates Life For Me". Along with the nautical theme I'm also doing a Driftwood collection with bits of driftwood found at my local beach. I've done one so far called Seashore and have plans for a few more.

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