Friday, 5 March 2010

Lowen St Piran's dydh

or happy St Piran's day, yes it's a day all the Cornish celebrate the patron saint of miners.
The story of St Piran is interesting he was an Irish saint and the Irish King was not happy that he was more popular than himself. So he had Piran thrown in the sea with a mill stone round his neck. the millstone floated and Piran was washed up on the beach at Perranporth. He was also credited with discovering tin in Cornwall so became the patron of Tin Miners.
The Cornish miners moved to place all over the world like Australia, Canada etc that is why some countries have Cornish town names. The miners even went to Mexico and helped mine the Silver there and apparently even now in certain parts of Mexico they make a version of the Cornish Pasty.

Well I decided to have a go at making some mini charms out of polymer clay to celebrate the day and came up with mini Cornish Pasties and Mini St Piran (Cornish) flags. And later tonight I shall raise a glass of Cornish Mead.

Lowen st piran's dydh.

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